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The difference between Brandon and I:

We were cleaning the house after work this evening. I finished sweeping an area, swept it into the dust pan and went to throw it away. I opened the door and there was no trash can. Hmph. Conversation went like this:
S: Brandon, where’s the trash can?

B: On the back porch

S: Why’s it on the back porch?

B: It smelled

S: So you just stuck it out there?

B: Yeah

S: You do realize that won’t fix the reason for the smell. You have to actually clean it.

So, I proceeded to rinse it with water. Then wiped it down with paper towels. Finally, I wiped it with those Clorox anti-bacterial wipes. It’s amazing. Three minutes later there is no odor in the trash can. I wonder how long Brandon thought he had to leave the trash can outside to make the smell go away? Haha!


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I just got home from a networking event and was so affected by the speaker I had to come home and immediately update my blog to get these thoughts off my mind and to get feedback from others. You will most likely either validate my thoughts or explain to me why I am wrong.

Being young in the business world, I am daily networking with people a generation, or even two, beyond me. I am often mistaken for being nearly 30 when I’m only 23. I would say the average age of the business people I interact with is 45. Today I met with a 61 year old client, and this evening I sat with women at my table in their 70’s. For the most part though I am interacting with people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Honestly, I can’t think of a case where I ever met someone at a business event my age. I am always the youngest in the room and have come to learn how to adjust to the expectations. (Hence no one actually thinks I’m 23)

The speaker this evening spoke on etiquette. He was phenomenal, and I learned many things. However, I left extremely frustrated with a couple of points that I feel must certainly be generational differences. I just can’t bring myself to agree with him and wanted to get others’ thoughts about some of these points. Let me start by saying that he gave the best definition of etiquette I have ever heard. Most people would think etiquette is knowing how to behave properly in a given setting. However, he defined etiquette as knowing know to behave to make the others in the situation feel comfortable. Love it!

He had 40 points (I am not sharing them all) and most were spot on. Some of my pet peeves that he addressed were:
– People who send emails in all caps. DO THEY NOT REALIZE THEY ARE YELLING. I also learned that it takes 60% longer to read anything written in all caps.
– People who do not make eye contact when shaking hands. Or shake hands with no grip at all. Ahh! Annoys the heck out of me! Just makes you look like a frail woman.
– Texting or emailing while having a 1 on 1 conversation with someone. I have had this happen to me on multiple occasions and it’s so rude! There have been a couple instances where I needed to take a text and I just flat out address it. I say excuse me, explain it’s an important time sensitive situation. I write the text and put my phone in my purse. People always understand. But when you pretend you’re listening to me and you’re replying to your boyfriend back and forth, it’s just offensive.

And you get the point. There were many that we would all agree on. However, here were the ones that had me stirred up after I left. I think it is just a generational difference because he was in his 60’s and I’m 40 years younger than him. Please let me know what you think about these areas. According to him:
1. It is rude for a bride to include in her invitation where she is registered.

Disagree! According to him it should not be listed. You should call or email a family member or bridesmaid for that information. What! How inconvenient! I always reference the invitation to help me. I’m notorious for gift card giving and that’s because when I got married, the gift cards to where I was registered were the biggest blessings in the world. However, when I want to put more thought into it, I don’t want to waste my money on something they may not like and what a pain in the butt if I have to go on a search to find out where she registered. To anyone a generation or two ahead of me when I got married, please forgive me if you were offended that included my registry information. It’s common place in our culture now and I had no idea some people would be insulted by this.
2. A woman is not fully dressed for a business situation if she is not wearing panty hose.

Are you CRAZY! And there were women in the room who agreed with him. Excuse me, but have you ever worn panty hose in the Florida heat where you sweat between the office door and your car door? Sweating in panty hose is one of the most miserable experiences possible. Maybe in New York this is applicable but not around here! I do frequently wear black hose in the winter because I love my mid calf boots, but outside of the two months where it’s cool in Florida, they never leave my sock drawer.

3. Even if an event is “business-casual” it is never appropriate to wear jeans.
Disagree. I wore jeans tonight! But I understand where holy jeans are appropriate, regular jeans, and dress jeans. These jeans were more expensive than all my black pants, they were pressed by a dry cleaner with a seam down the front, and they have that little bit of shine or whatever it’s called that you see on dressy denim. In no way shape or form did I feel out of place at that event. I even had to speak in front of everyone because I am president of the Plant City chapter. I wore a dry-cleaned pressed blouse with it and felt very business casual. To me business casual = dress jeans and heels. However, I work for a laid back company where no dress codes are enforced. Granted, I know when denim is inappropriate. There are certain clients I have where I know I need to dress up in my most professional attire, others would feel awkward around me in a business suit. Of all the lawyers I have met in the last 6 years in this business, one stands out the most. If I really needed an attorney for something important in my life, I know immediately who I would call. I once went into an attorney’s office and he was wearing expensive jeans with an untucked button shirt and leather casual closed toe shoes. AND…he was working on a Mac laptop. Sold! I have never felt so comfortable around an attorney, nor met one that seemed so approachable. He practiced family law and he is who I would call if I had a personal issue.

What do you think about these topics? Where do you stand?

(P.S. I prefer comments on my WordPress site itself. However, if you don’t know how to do that, commenting through the Facebook feed is fine)

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